Klopp reveals why Liverpool trained at Old Trafford

Jurgen Klopp decided against the request Louis Van Gaal made in the first leg to train at home and Liverpool trained in Manchester.

Liverpool, instead of requesting to train at home as they’re so close in proximity to Manchester as opposed to traveling across Europe for a Europa League game, decided to adhere to standard UEFA rules that states the traveling team must train at the hosts stadium the night before a match.

Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal requested his side stay at home for that last night, but Liverpool didn’t. Jurgen Klopp reveals why, via Liverpoolfc.com.

“I always enjoyed it when I played with my former clubs in European tournaments to breathe the stadium where you will play the next night. I like to imagine what can happen, I really enjoy this,” said Klopp. “There was no doubt we would take this opportunity to do it. So, if nobody says it’s not allowed then we will be on the pitch in a few minutes [to train]!”

Klopp continued on with his reasoning.

“It’s more for me [to visualize], to be honest. I don’t know [what will happen],” said Klopp. “I am an absolutely optimistic guy and before a game I always have the best feelings… The problem is I’ve lost a few games after having a very good feeling before the game!”

The manager said he didn’t even consider asking for an amendment to the rule, it never crossed his mind.

“I didn’t think [for] one second about it – it was clear from the first moment when I heard we would play against Manchester United that we would come here one day early,” said Klopp. “It’s a Europa League game, it’s always like this. For me, it’s not [about] feeling comfortable, sleeping at home or something like this. We had a few seconds in the hotel before we came here [to training] and everything is OK; the room is OK, the bed is OK and so we can sleep here. We have the opportunity to train tomorrow morning and then we will play.”

There was one slight different about playing United in the Europa League, just the short travel.

“Only the trip was a little bit different – usually it’s a flight that is longer than it took to drive today by coach, but that’s absolutely the only difference,” said Klopp. “The rest is a normal European game.”

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