Daniel Sturridge – All injuries aside he’s worth more than we think for Liverpool!

Daniel Sturridge’s fitness issues has been his own worst enemy. The one thing is for sure, he is taking it quiet well as a professional footballer, playing above constant criticism.

Being laid off so many time in your career, could count as a major problem (normally the case for any athlete). Or, you could be so use to it and use it as a tool to succeed.

Daniel Sturridge, for as long as I can remember, has always had an impact on a game when returning from one of his many injuries.

Off the top of my head, a couple of seasons ago, Sturridge returned for a West Ham fixture. He was so emphatic, he almost came back to action with a hat-trick of goals to the game.

Coming off the bench in his first Liverpool and Man United clash on Anfield soil, he scored once introduced.

It was all Daniel Sturridge in the Merseyside derby. Yes he didn’t score the goal in the embers, but he was the man who impacted the game, which lead to the only goal.

Few nights ago wasn’t any different, as he came off the bench and in 56 seconds of being introduced into the game. He pounced on a silly defensive error, scoring his first premier league goal for the season.

The side was looking frail with less of the first team players able to take part, due to injury problems.

It’s refreshing to see Sturridge back and proving to be an integrate part to building the success at Liverpool. Capable to lead the line still, fighting for his place in the Liverpool number 9 role.

A fit Sturridge can get you a goal a game, maybe even more. A fit and on fire Sturrigde ended the 2013-14 season on 22 goals. An attribute any football club will take on.

Many question marks loom over a play fighting for fitness majority of the time. Hurts even more when a player with an enormous amount of talent, is unable to apply any of it to the game.

The month of January come the turn of the new year, demands a huge asking to have all our star players fit and ready for action. This is an immense boost for the team and manager, Klopp.

To have a player of Sturridge’s caliber, finding form and firing on all cylinders. Your setup and approach to a game will be nothing but positive.

Glad to have Daniel the goal machine back, the more he stays fit, betters our chances at winning a league title.