Steven Gerrard’s top 5 moments for Liverpool

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No.4: Gerrard’s Hat-trick vs Everton

As previously mentioned, there is nothing sweeter than beating a rival and if you manage to bag a hat-trick in a 3-0 victory then all the better.

The rivalry between Liverpool and Everton is unlike many others. They live side by side, their stadiums are less than a mile away from one another and you can have members of the same family supporting either team. However, when it comes to football their is pure and utter hatred.

Gerrard has often talked about the abuse he gets from Everton fans around the city of Liverpool, and that’s probably why he claims this was his favorite hat-trick of his career. The fact that it came on his 400th appearance for the club and it was the Everton manager’s 10th anniversary in charge only added to the occasion.

Claiming a victory over local rivals gives you the bragging rights around the city, so scoring a goal in a derby puts you on a pedestal amongst your fans. The fact that Gerrard scored all three goals in one game and effectively gave his fans bragging rights forever is yet another reason why he will always be remembered at Anfield.

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