Steven Gerrard’s top 5 moments for Liverpool

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No.3: Late goal against Olympiacos in Champions League

If it weren’t for this Steven Gerrard moment, he wouldn’t have been able to go on and claim his biggest achievment in a Liverpool jersey by winning the Champions League.

Liverpool’s 2004/2005 Champions League group stage campaign was more than a little disappointing and it left them needing a home win against Olympiacos in order to qualify for the knockout rounds. To add to their worries, they needed to win the game by two goals or else their inferior goal difference would see them drop out in front of home crowd.

When Brazilian legend Rivaldo put the visiting side ahead, a lot of Liverpool fans feared the worst. Little did they know that they were about to witness one of the greatest and iconic moments in Champions League history. (Thanks to some over the top commentating by Andy Gray)

The reds managed to pull back two goals and everyone in the stadium was on edge when striker Neil Mellor headed the ball down towards the edge of the box. Gerrard couldn’t have hit the ball any sweeter when he rattled it in to the bottom corner, prompting Andy Gray to scream “OOOHHHH YA BEAUUUUTTTYYYYYY”.

As we all know, this would go on to be Liverpool’s finest seasons since they last won the league back in 1990.

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