Who is Emil Forsberg? A look at the playmaking forward linked to Anfield

Ball against Exeter (from Liverpool's official Facebook page)
Ball against Exeter (from Liverpool's official Facebook page) /

Emil Forsberg has starred for RB Leipzig this season. Now his agent has refused to rule out a move. So who is the Swedish playmaker?

The 2014 Swedish midfielder of the year, Emil Forsberg, may be on the move soon from Bundesliga darlings RB Leipzig.

Leipzig’s number 10 has been linked to Juventus and Arsenal, but Daily Mirror have claimed Liverpool are moving in with a £20 million bid.

Now Forsberg’s agent has come out and claimed he can’t promise anything as to his client’s future.

Speaking to Bild, Emil Forsberg’s agent Hasan Cetinkaya was incredibly measured,

"“I will not confirm any names, but a number of big clubs have made enquiries after his first great half of the season.“RB Leipzig are on track to become a big club that will soon play in the Champions League. But I cannot promise that Emil will stay this transfer window.”"

It’s unclear what this all means in terms of a move for Forsberg. Seems like classic agent speak, but obviously there is a possibility that Emil Forsberg could find himself at Anfield.

Surely Klopp’s project would interest Forsberg, a player that seems perfect for Liverpool.

Scouting report

Emil Forsberg plays predominately on the left wing of Ralph Hasenhüttl’s fluid 4-4-2 formation.

While Forsberg isn’t going to win any 40-yard dashes anytime soon, his quickness and agility allow him to glide past players with such ease, it appears he’s the fastest player on the pitch.

His ability to create from the wing separates him from a lot of modern wingers in football.

With 5 goals and 8 assists through 15 games, Emil Forsberg has been one of the standout players of the Bundesliga season.

This mix of skills makes Forsberg an incredibly versatile player. For Leipzig he has made the left wing his home, but can play in the center of the park as a 10 or an 8.

Does he fit?

There is a touch of Adam Lallana in Emil Forsberg, with his versatility, creativity, quickness, and ability to find those dangerous half-spaces.

Like Lallana, Forsberg could fit in anywhere along Klopp’s frontline and drop into the midfield three if need be.

Having played in Hasenhüttl’s high-pressing, constant movement system at Leipzig, Forsberg is familiar with similar tactics to Klopp’s.

Nothing compares to the gegenpress, but Leipzig is about as close as it gets, if not slightly more defensive.

Forsberg would immediately fit in along the front line or in one of the midfield spots that flanks Jordan Henderson.

A high-effort, creative, quick, goalscoring midfielder is perfect for Liverpool, with depth needed desperately.

Can it happen?

Forsberg’s agent’s comments obviously demonstrate that the Swede could be on the move.

The claim is frank, there are offers for Emil Forsberg. Whether or not there is an offer from Liverpool remains to be seen.

As covered above, Forsberg would be an ideal addition for Liverpool, so the reported offer for him would make sense.

Deals in January are always difficult, especially for one of the most influential players on a team near the top of the Bundesliga.

Forsberg has come out and said he’s happy (or at least his wife is), according to SportBild.

"“We are feeling very well here. The quality of life is high and my wife enjoys life here.“That is important to me. Had she not been happy in Leipzig, I would not have felt so well at this club.”"

Ah, yes the ol’ wife. We at rush the kop want Mrs. Forsberg to be happy, but think she’d like Liverpool too!

At the end of the day, this is a transfer that absolutely could happen, in January or this summer.

Leipzig has a €3 million maximum salary cap to maintain financial health. That is, they won’t pay their players more than that until the club is more stable.

If players like Emil Forsberg or midfield general Naby Keïta want to capitalize on their performances for Leipzig and get a significant pay rise, they will have to move.

Liverpool would be the perfect destination for Forsberg, we’ll watch this space in the meantime.