Liverpool FC: Three Reds that must be extended sooner rather than later

Liverpool, Mohamed Salah (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Liverpool, Mohamed Salah (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images) /
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Liverpool, Mohammed Salah
Liverpool, Mohamed Salah (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images) /

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is an easy choice for an extension next season.

When you talk of the best players in the world, Liverpool’s Mo Salah quickly becomes the forefront of the conversation. The 29-year-old Egyptian-born legend is a world-class player in the Reds’ heart.

Words cannot describe Salah’s quintessential importance to Liverpool FC, and with his contract expiring after the 2022 season – he is one of the easiest extension decisions of all time. The only possible questions the club could have are how much and how long they should extend Mo? The bottom line is quite simple – the contract must allow him to retire a Red. Therefore, his extension will more than likely be astounding both financially and symbolic, which will ultimately affect another teammates’ fate.

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Liverpool’s extension of Salah may consequently impact another critical extension.

If it weren’t for Mo Salah’s contract expiring in the same season, Liverpool’s Sadio Mané would be the talk of this segment. Like Salah, Mané has played more than a critical role in the team’s success in recent years. Sadio is also more than deserving of an extension, but the question is, will there be enough in the Reds’ treasury to go around for the star from Senegal? After extending their other winger listed above, the question will inevitably loom over the club. With that being said, the hard truth is that if the organization must choose between Salah and Mané, the latter will, unfortunately, be the odd man out. However, being shown the door has to be the case considering the third and final player on the list may become the heftiest extension of them all.