LFC in the Metaverse: Liverpool can profit from NIKES latest acquisition

Liverpool, Premier League (Photo by Visionhaus)
Liverpool, Premier League (Photo by Visionhaus) /

Earlier this month Facebook’s questionable leader Mark Zuckerburg announced his big tech company would be changing its name to “META”.

The sudden change of name was a pat on the back to the metaverse, the next generation of the internet which will incorporate virtual reality into our everyday lives.

Now Liverpool’s main sponsor NIKE is one of a number of companies that are trying to cash in early on the virtual reality world in their acquisition of “RTFKT”, a virtual shoe and fashion company, which is aiming to flourish by bringing the swoosh to the evolving digital universe.

NIKE shared the news on their website where their president and CEO John Donahoe spoke of the companies vision to delve deeper into the ever-changing landscape of the digital world. But what does this mean for Liverpool?


Right now this is hard to comprehend, but the deal could see future virtual Liverpool apparel, kits, and footwear be made available to purchase in the metaverse.

With the growing trend of NFT’s, blockchain technology, and augmented reality, Liverpool’s five-year deal with NIKE which comes to an end in 2025 could profit massively from this shrewd bit of business.

Striking early in emerging markets is key for Liverpool’s global brand moving forward, even more so with the ever-looming new COVID-19 variants bringing halts to traditional forms of revenue for the club.

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Whilst the metaverse is still in its primitive stage, having a progressive partnership with NIKE will only reap positive rewards for Liverpool in the coming years.