Promising attacker for Liverpool FC isn’t going anywhere

Liverpool FC, Divock Origi (Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images)
Liverpool FC, Divock Origi (Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images) /
Liverpool FC, Divock Origi
Liverpool FC, Divock Origi (Photo by James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images) /

Recently, Liverpool FC has been linked to a few external players regarding transfer rumors; however, one key player already with the club is staying. Although Divock Origi has not been a part of the team’s recent performances, he has made the headlines this past week.

As it stands now, the promising young player will remain at Anfield for a few more months. His current contract expires in June, and he will undoubtedly have many suitors. In the meantime, should he be able to return to health – LFC will surely be able to field him sooner rather than later.

The sooner Divock Origi returns for Liverpool, the better.

As of this moment, the Reds are missing a good amount of players due to COVID-19 positive tests, injuries, and the kickoff of this year’s AFCON tournament.

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Moreover, with the team mulling about the transfer portal, it seems apparent that no reinforcements will be joining the club anytime soon. However, with starting wingers Salah and Mane absent, the sooner Divock Origi can return to the pitch, he will undoubtedly be a part of the team’s starting XI in most of Liverpool’s contests. Moreover, he has a chance to earn himself a large contract whether he remains in Anfield or whether he departs early this summer.

Divock Origi can earn a large extension should he perform for Liverpool soon.

The last time the promising 26 y/o Belgian was present for the Reds was against A.C. Milan (UEFA Champions League) precisely 31 days ago. Since then, he has been hampered by a lingering injury that has kept him off the pitch. However, while only being involved in just three matches this season for the club in English Premier League play, Origi has shown great flashes of his potential.

He may earn himself a hefty contract from Liverpool or another club if he returns and strings together consistent appearances and performances. It is up to him whether or not he seizes his golden opportunity.

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