Recapping Liverpool’s Frantic Transfer Deadline Day

Liverpool FC, Fabio Carvalho (Photo by Jacques Feeney/Getty Images)
Liverpool FC, Fabio Carvalho (Photo by Jacques Feeney/Getty Images) /
Liverpool FC, Fabio Carvalho
Liverpool FC, Fabio Carvalho (Photo by Jacques Feeney/Getty Images) /

The transfer deadline day did not disappoint Liverpool FC supporters. It was full of both highs and lows; after earlier in January, it seemed that the club would be inactive during the winter window. With that being said, here is a recap of what transpired yesterday in chronological order.

Before the day even began, Liverpool finalized their acquisition of Luis Diaz.

Before Monday’s deadline day, the Reds finalized all of their business with FC Porto’s 25-year-old star, Luis Diaz. One of the best acquisitions in this transfer window (maybe even club history) was finalized after LFC assisted Porto in acquiring the Colombian native.

This is monumental on multiple levels, as it strengthens the relationship between the Reds and the Portuguese powerhouse for years to come. With numerous talents in recent years, expect the favor to be returned somehow, shape, or form in future transfer windows. Back to what transpired yesterday, though, after the Diaz deal was complete, LFC frantically scurried to acquire yet another promising young talent.

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The pursuit of Fabio Carvalho

With Luis officially becoming a member of Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp and company quickly fixed their sights on a Fulham prodigy, Fabio Carvalho. The storyline controlled most of the day that ran late into the evening that had Kopites on edge. Eventually, many would rejoice as the deal seemingly neared completion as announced by the world-renowned correspondent Paul Joyce.

However, due to some last-minute complications, it was made apparent that Carvalho and the Reds did not officially complete paperwork in time before the deadline. However, there is still a strong likelihood and possibility that Fabio will become a Red this summer in a pre-agreement within the coming weeks. Within the chaos of that signing, LFC did lose two of their own to loans.

Nat Phillips and Deco Williams will finish this season on loan elsewhere than Liverpool.

While Liverpool was in a dogfight with Fulham to acquire their top young talent, Klopp’s side did offer one of their own to the EFL club looking to leap to the Premier League next season.

Neco will join Fulham for the remainder of the season on loan and hopefully return with Carvalho in the summer. In addition, Nat Phillips was also sent out on loan to Bournemouth for the remainder of the year.

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Overall, a busy transfer day for the Reds was successful, and they may still not be finished as the Fabio deal remains in ongoing pre-arrangement talks.