Liverpool icon’s agent dismisses departure rumours

It would be as intriguing to watch all of the players Liverpool will sign in the manner in which they have approached many names, as it would be to see who will go or be asked to leave in order to create room for those who will be signed.

Numerous players have been cited in market speculations, with various subjective reasons given as to why they will or may leave the Merseyside club.

For instance, Roberto Firmino is expected to depart since his status at the club is uncertain and there are several attractive offers from other teams. Naby Keita and a few others are in a similar situation.

These speculations had been a regular occurrence that didn’t surprise anyone until one appeared concerning one extremely important player’s prospects of leaving the Reds if certain conditions did not arise as expected.

Numerous reports surfaced on Monday claiming that Liverpool hero Mohamed Salah is considering leaving if the club fails to qualify for the Champions League next season. For obvious reasons, this came as a huge surprise to the supporters. The Egyptian is a vital member of the squad, and he is a Liverpool great who should not be departing for such a reason.

But thankfully, a few hours later, the player’s agent issued a tweet in which he refuted all of these assertions. Ramy Abbas Issa vehemently disputed all rumors regarding the player’s prospective departure for the aforementioned reason.

There are a variety of subjective reasons why numerous Liverpool players may be considering leaving the club, but leaving for the sake of missing out on a Champions League position would be a very immature move.

Legends like Mohamed Salah have always stayed with the club in its worst hours, and it’s a good thing his agency put a stop to the rumors just in time.

As things stand, Salah is a crucial component of Liverpool and will continue to be for many years. The club, the manager, and the supporters all have faith in him.