3 EFL Championship players Liverpool should consider signing

  • Liverpool is ensured to make multiple transfers this summer window
  • There are multiple players from the Championship looking to jump to the Premier League
  • Here are 3 players Liverpool should consider signing from the EFL Championship
Leeds United v Norwich City - Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Semi-Final 2nd Leg
Leeds United v Norwich City - Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Semi-Final 2nd Leg / Michael Regan/GettyImages
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3. Jack Clarke - Sunderland

Perhaps a rouge shout to some, but Clarke showed this season that he is far and away the best dribbler in the Championship. Nobody in the league completed more successful take-ons or progressive carries than Clarke. He also had the most touches in the penalty area in the Championship, showcasing his ability to have the ball at his feet in high-danger situations.

On top of the possession and dribbling stats, Clarke also showed he can put the ball in the net, recording 15 goals on a rather average Sunderland side that looked destined to do more this season. To top off the respectable goal tally, Clarke had nine assists in the Championship.

The 23-year-old left-winger is in a prime spot to jump up the Premier League. He's had interest from clubs in the top flight in the past, but now it may be time to move with the Black Cats seemingly taking a step back this season. With the Reds looking to add a wide player this summer, Clarke could be a fantastic domestic option for Liverpool, who has the chance to be an effective chaos creator at the Premier League level with his elite dribbling.

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