4 Liverpool players since 2010 that missed the mark

  • There have been some serious flops at Liverpool
  • Not every player that joins the Reds hits the ground running
  • Over the last decade and a half, some familiar names have not come good
West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool - Premier League
West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool - Premier League / Laurence Griffiths/GettyImages
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1. Arthur Melo

It's hard to make it onto a list like this one as a loan player, but not impossible, and Arthur was just able to get the job done.

He came in at a time of need, and contributed absolutely nothing to a thin Liverpool midfield that was somehow made even thinner by his arrival at the club.

Arthur never made a Premier League appearance for Liverpool, and played just 14 minutes of Champions League football.

He never did anything negative on the pitch to complain about, but his total unavailability throughout his one-year stint with the club is borderline unforgivable.

Insult is added to injury by the fact that he was extremely prolific for Fiorentina throughout their jam-packed 2023-24 fixture schedule, providing the support he wasn't able to at Liverpool.