5 of the best Liverpool players to never win a league title

  • There have been many great Reds never to win a league title
  • Some of the club’s most legendary players make this list.     
  • Having won the league once in 30 years means a lot missed out
Liverpool v Chelsea - UEFA Champions League
Liverpool v Chelsea - UEFA Champions League / Clive Rose/GettyImages
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As much winning as has been done at Liverpool Football Club over the years, the list of truly gifted players that never won a league title as Reds is longer than you might guess. I suppose a 30 year drought will do that, eh?

Today, I am ranking the five best Liverpool players to never win the League at Anfield. It was a bittersweet time making this list as the talent and endeavor shown by all these guys truly deserved one.

Without further ado, we begin the list.

5. Fernando Torres

Torres was only a Red for a three and a half years but he was at the peak of his powers at this time. His connection with Steven Gerrard was something that drove an unexpected title challenge during the 2008/09 Premier League season.

Liverpool fisnished 2nd in the table, four points adrift of Manchester United. Torres 4th in league goals that season as he bagged 14 for himself and was the spearhead of the Reds attack.

His blistering pace and power made him nearly impossible to stop when he was fully engaged and raring to go. It's a shame that he left when he did, for it would have been interesting to see if he would have been able to carry the attack long-term.

As it is, he is still one of the most gifted footballers ever to don Liverpool Red and he more than earned his place on this list.