5 of the best Liverpool players to never win a league title

  • There have been many great Reds never to win a league title
  • Some of the club’s most legendary players make this list.     
  • Having won the league once in 30 years means a lot missed out
Liverpool v Chelsea - UEFA Champions League
Liverpool v Chelsea - UEFA Champions League / Clive Rose/GettyImages
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4. Sami Hyypia

The towering Finn has a strong case to be the best centre-back in club history. His ability to dominate both in the air and on the ground made him a force.

He was an anchor in defense that was able to adapt his game to play alongside various typed of defenders like Jamie Carragher, Daniel Agger and others. His stability at the back was crucial to Liverpool for a decade.

While the Reds did secure 6 trophies in his time, including the Champions League, he was never able to lift a Premier League trophy.

He made over 460 appearances for the Reds which is a testament to his ability to improve with the times. There were few that could read the game like him.