5 of the best Liverpool players to never win a league title

  • There have been many great Reds never to win a league title
  • Some of the club’s most legendary players make this list.     
  • Having won the league once in 30 years means a lot missed out
Liverpool v Chelsea - UEFA Champions League
Liverpool v Chelsea - UEFA Champions League / Clive Rose/GettyImages
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3. Luis Suarez

The Uruguayan was the man that replaced Fernando Torres and he more than lived up to the hype of his abilities. He was the focal point of a Reds attack that continued to evolve.

There were few players as dynamic as Suarez was in his time at Liverpool. He had 69 goals and 27 assists in 110 Premier League games with the Reds. That still doesn't truly show what a talent he was.

He is one of the few players that I have seen in my lifetime that was truly unplayable when he hit his top level. The sheer quality of the goals above speaks for themselves. He spearheaded the title surge during the 2013/14 that collapsed at the end and fell two points shy of City.