Current Liverpool player power rankings No. 11-15

  • As we get higher up the list, more familiar names will appear
  • The Liverpool squad is full of variety in terms of playstyles
  • Some young players that took the next step appear in this section
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13. Ibrahima Konate/Jarell Quansah - CB

These two are so close in the pecking order I cannot separate them. Quansah ended on a good note while the Frenchman struggled. Konate has long been considered the second best centre-half at Liverpool behind Virgil van Dijk.

It's only fitting that Quansah and Konate are right next to each other in these rankings. The 21-year old defender had a breakout campaign in 2023-24. He was thrust into the deep end very early in the season and he very rarely faltered.

Konate is still probably the most physically gifted defender in the squad with his size and speed combination being a useful arsenal when he is playing with full fire. He normally is a good ball playing defender but the last two months of this past term saw him lose all his confidence on the ball.

The indecision we saw from him time and again was a new development. Hopefully linking up with the France national team can help him clear his head for the new season.

Konate and Jarell Quansah should be locked in a battle this summer to see who starts alongside VVD. If the Reds bring in another central defender, things could get really hazy for the Frenchman.

As for Quansah, he plays with a serenity and maturity that belies a player of his experience. He is an imposing figure himself that showed he was able to hold up to Premier League forwards on a weekly basis.

He completed nearly 90% of all his passes this season highlighting an underrated aspect of his game.

Still, with the new coach coming in, everyone should have a clean slate. If all things are equal, Quansah is just a whisker ahead of Ibou as things stand. It will be important for Quansah to not rest on his laurels and keep pushing while Konate will be right there.