Current Liverpool player power rankings No. 6-10

  • We are getting closer to the elite players in the Liverpool squad
  • Some big names just missed out on the Top 5 but are still crucial assets
  • The margins are slim as some big names struggled to end the season
Everton FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League
Everton FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League / Naomi Baker/GettyImages
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We are back with Part III of our four-part miniseries where we are ranking the Top 20 Liverpool players currently at the club.

We're now entering the Top 10 which means we have come to some key players and big names. Once again, criteria is based on performance, historical impact, future projections and a dash of my own perspective, because who doesn't love some variety?

If you missed the previous rankings you can check here and here to catch up on the rest of the top 20. For now, let's begin with a very popular player at No. 10.

10. Andy Robertson - LB

We begin the top 10 with a player that ended the 2023-24 campaign in the ascendancy as he was putting on some vintage displays down the stretch.

In addition, his understudy sits way down at No. 20 on this list so there is no real threat for his job if he is fit either. He also clearly has historical impact on his side given the insane numbers he has put up over the years.

So, why just fringe Top 10? Well, as we look ahead, Robbo, now 30, plays a very physical and demanding style. His endless running is why we love him so much.

I am not sure how long that can carry on deep into his thirties and the new system being brought in by Arne Slot might not give him as much freedom to roam down the left wing. Granted, he will still be encouraged to get forward, but just in a more controlled environment.

Robertson is still a key player for Liverpool, but his impact might be subdued as things continue to evolve at Anfield.