LFC continues to win despite many challenges facing them

A full fixture list and a bevy of injuries have not stopped the Reds yet.
Sheffield United v Liverpool - Premier League
Sheffield United v Liverpool - Premier League / Richard Sellers/Allstar/GettyImages

Liverpool have not been able to keep the squad fit and raring to go for awhile now. It feels like everyone has picked up something at one point or another.

You have Thiago who hasn't suited up once this season. Joel Matip who just went down for the season. Stefan Bajcetic has been mostly parked on the shelf. Andy Robertson is currently out long-term. There are much more in addition to this.

Liverpool have had multiple players sent off with red cards during the season. Questionable at best VAR decisions have gone against them at times.

Yet, through all of this off-field turbulence the Reds have continued to win. They have secured top spot in their Europa League group with a game to spare. They're right in the thick of the Premier League title race in 2nd.

It is a testament to the culture that Jurgen Klopp has built at the club that they are able to withstand such difficulties and maintain such a high performance.

It also points to the leadership from players such as Virgil Van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mo Salah and more. The boys are uniting together to get through the storm.

While the questions of a perceived lack of depth a Liverpool still ring somewhat true, it has been tested from day 1 and so far it's holding up. The rise of Jarrell Quansah for example has been a remarkable story.

He has gone from afterthought youngster to a key piece in the defensive rotation. Long-term that is a great thing, but in the now, the growing pains a player of his age must go through during multiple title challenges? Oh, boy.

Every top club typically gets hit with a few injuries throughout the squad. However, not many suffer through so many key and veteran players going down or not being available. Once again, Liverpool are proving to the world they are made of something different.

As we look forward, it's hard to project what to expect from this team. While we have seen positive results keep flowing in these tough times you never know.

However, this club has shown the abiltiy to perservere through some chaotic moments. I fully expect them to continue to do so. If new names must step up, so be it. If they are playing this well with all of these distractions, imagine what they can do at full strength?

You can bet the rest of the football world doesn't want to find out.