Looking at 4 of the best Liverpool summer signings

  • Liverpool have made some marquee summer signings
  • It’s not always about the price tag, as a player can play beyond price
  • It’s a long list, so this is only four a great deal more in Liverpool history
Southampton FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League
Southampton FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League / Charlie Crowhurst/GettyImages
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3. Roberto Firmino - Signed from Hoffenheim in 2015 - €41 million

Bobby was a good player in the Bundesliga when Liverpool scooped him up. He was a false-9 through and through who showed traits that would be well suited to the style Liverpool was transitioning to.

Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez were both gone from Brendan Rodgers' swashbuckling sides, just as Rodgers himself would soon be gone. The Reds needed a fresh face to lead the attack and the bright smile of Firmino would fit the bill.

He had a knack for making the most difficult things look effortless on the pitch. In addition to his skills, his work ethic was unmatched. He was a willing runner, both backwards and forwards and he led the early forms of Jurgen Klopp's press.

Yet, 183 goal contributions from his 362 games shows he was more than just an effort player. He formed 1/3 of one of the most dangerous attacking trios in the world during his time at Liverpool.

What a player he was and left in all the good graces he could.