Ranking Liverpool's 2023 Summer signings so far

The Reds brought in some key players this summer, and now they've been on the squad for almost a full season- how has each of them panned out?
Liverpool FC v AC Sparta Praha: Round of 16 Second Leg - UEFA Europa League 2023/24
Liverpool FC v AC Sparta Praha: Round of 16 Second Leg - UEFA Europa League 2023/24 / Sportsphoto/Allstar/GettyImages

With the decline and subsequent exit of some longtime key contributors, such as Jordan Henderson and Fabinho, Liverpool's squad was in dire need of some new faces this summer, especially in the midfield.

Much to the delight of the fanbase, Fenway Sports Group delivered on these requests, and four new midfielders joined the club over the summer.

Each of these players brings a very distinct play style, and each has contributed to Liverpool's massive year-over-year improvement as compared to the 2022-23 campaign, but which one has been the best addition to the club?

Let's rank these four based on their contributions thus far, now that we've seen them with the squad for nearly a full season.

4. Ryan Gravenberch (£34 Million from Bayern Munich)

Gravenberch has been a solid addition for Liverpool at a fair price, especially at the age of 21; he's an investment. He's also been a clear improvement over the tired legs the Reds were trotting out for much of 2022-23, as they were clinging onto club heroes who had passed their prime.

All of that being said, he's struggled a bit, averaging a match rating of just 6.76 in Premier League play, as per FotMob.

It's a shame that the young Dutchman won't get more time to learn and improve under Klopp, but he will have the benefit of working alongside his countryman and National Team captain Virgil van Dijk as he looks to hone his craft for years to come.

3. Dominik Szoboszlai (£60 Million from RB Leipzig)

Szoboszlai, the most expensive and established addition of the summer, was an early contender for the top spot on this list. He dazzled viewers right away with his passing and ball control, while other additions floundered just a bit out of the gates.

However, it's hard to put him higher than this spot right now given recent health as well as form, especially in big matches.

He's averaging a sparkling 7.36 FotMob rating in the Premier League, but dips in big matches like ones against Manchester City in the league and Manchester United in the FA Cup have fans concerned about his ability to perform when he's needed most.

None of this is to say that Szoboszlai isn't a positive contributor for the club- his stock has just fallen a bit recently, while others' have risen.

2. Alexis Mac Allister (£35 Million from Brighton and Hove Albion)

Plenty of viewers will think that this spot is just one too low, especially given his recent form in some big spots.

As great as he's been, that position is fueled just a bit by recency bias and goal scoring numbers; especially when it comes to a per-pound transfer value, there's one player who deserves the top spot more.

That being said, the Argentine midfielder has established himself as a true force since really getting comfortable at the club in recent weeks.

His existing Premier League experience has really shone through, and outstanding performances against Manchester City and Manchester United are reminding viewers of his World Cup form.

His average match score is up to an even 7.50 in the league, and he's even stepped up to score some big goals and penalties for the Reds, in addition to supporting progressive play from his midfield role.

1: Wataru Endō (£17 Million from Stuttgart)

With the likes of Henderson and Fabinho completely declining and then of course departing the club for Saudi Arabia, Liverpool's biggest need- by a mile- was a true central/defensive midfielder. Endō has answered the call and then some, providing consistent and even dominant play at the position this year.

Arguably, Endō had an even tougher start to the year than Mac Allister, as he spent some time adjusting to the first Premier League action of his career, but he's stabilized magnificently to provide the thing Liverpool needs the most as they look to run a tight title race the rest of the way; consistency.

The completion of his ascension was most evident in an outrageous performance against Manchester City, in which he veritably outshined the likes of Rodri, Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva, but it's far from the only time fans have been able to see his class.

It's worth noting that at age 31, it's harder to predict further improvement from Endō than from anyone else on this list, but at this moment he's been the most important summer addition when it comes to impacting Liverpool's 2023-24 exploits.

This is especially true when you consider the fact that his transfer fee is by far the smallest of any of these midfielders, making him a truly outstanding bargain.