Ranking the 4 best signings made by Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool

Brendan Rodgers made some astute acquisitions while in charge during his time at Liverpool.
Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League
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2. Philippe Coutinho - January 30, 2013 - £8.5m from Inter

The diminutive Brazilian joined from the Italian giants when he was 20-years old and had not yet made a significant impact at the top level of the game. However, the Reds saw in him a potential dynamic game changer to unlock the attack and they would be proven right.

Coutinho is an example of a player just needing to have the belief instilled in them and the chance to be given from them to play consistently and great things usually follow.

He would waste little time becoming a key piece of their attack as the swashbuckling side that scored goals for fun under Rodgers at his peak had a lot of the strings being pulled by Coutinho.

He would prove himself capable of scoring big goals in big games as he did not shy away from the occasion one iota. Coutinho would become one of the best players in the world during his time at Anfield as he cut through defenses up and down the country.

His departure to Barcelona for £142m was an insane profit turned by the club and his ensuing career downturn is an example of the grass not always being greener.