Ranking the 5 best Liverpool Managers of All-time

  • Liverpool have been graced by several iconic managers.
  • The amount of trophies secured over the years never waned.
  • A few different names could have been No. 1 on any ranking.
Bob Paisley
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There are not a lot of clubs in the world that can boast more than one iconic and truly legendary manager in their history. At Liverpool, we have a handful, which is a testament to the foundations that were laid so long ago and have only been built higher and higher.

With yet another iconic manager era ending, that of Jurgen Klopp, I thought it was fitting to take a shot at ranking the 5 best Liverpool managers of all time.

I can assure you the name Roy Hodgson will not appear anywhere on this list, and honestly, I apologize for bringing his name up in this article. Let's get back to ranking the Liverpool legends, shall we?

5. Rafa Benitez - (2004-2010) - 4 trophies

We start our list with the man that took the reigns from Gerard Houllier when Liverpool was in the midst of one of their few downturns in club history.

He gave Steven Gerrard his soon-to-be iconic No. 8 shirt and paired him alongside Xabi Alonso in the midfield. That pairing was one of the best in Europe as they worked in tandem to dominate play often. Benitez is a tactical wizard and his ability to orchestrate his sides for continental play was what really set him apart.

There was never a better example of this than the 2005 Istanbul Miracle when Liverpool overcame a 3-0 deficit against the mighty AC Milan and became Champions League winners once again.

That was by far his crowning achievement at Liverpool, but along with an FA Cup, Community Shield and a UEFA Super Cup, he left his mark.