Ranking the 5 best Liverpool Managers of All-time

  • Liverpool have been graced by several iconic managers.
  • The amount of trophies secured over the years never waned.
  • A few different names could have been No. 1 on any ranking.
Bob Paisley
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4. Jurgen Klopp (2015-2024) - 8 trophies

His critics will be quick to point out that Liverpool only won one league title in his tenure. However, the 97 points they racked up in 2018-19 and the 92 points from 2021-22 are the two most points accrued without winning the Premier League title in history.

He also won every single trophy that was available to him in his time. However, when it comes to Klopp, it goes beyond silverware. He lifted the club from the doldrums when he arrived.

The club was teetering on the brink of falling permanently into the mid-table if something did not change. He instantly changed the culture and restored the belief and pride around the city and the club.

His connection with the players, fans and the city is something most managers can never achieve despite all the success they can have.

3. Kenny Dalglish - (1985-91, 2011-12) - 10 trophies

As I have documented before in the "Liverpool Lore " series, Dalglish is one of the rare football people to be a legend both on and off the pitch.

His playing career is well documented, but he actually shifted to management while still playing at the tail end of his career.

He secured 3 English league titles along with 2 FA Cups among his trophy haul. However, like Klopp, he goes beyond wins and losses. Dalglish was the man in charge during the Hillsborough tragedy and he had to pick up the pieces in the city and the club in the aftermath. Few could have handled it better.

Winning the 2012 League Cup in his second stint in a totally different era was just the cherry on top of his coaching career.