Ranking the 5 best Liverpool Managers of All-time

  • Liverpool have been graced by several iconic managers.
  • The amount of trophies secured over the years never waned.
  • A few different names could have been No. 1 on any ranking.
Bob Paisley
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2. Bob Paisley - (1974-1983) - 20 trophies

I came very close to having Paisley top these rankings. 20 trophies in 9 years is an absurd haul and unmatched winning.

I think the top two on this list could easily be seen as 1A and 1B. That said, let's focus on Paisley who racked up silverware like it was candy during his spell in charge. It was going to be a challenge for whoever took charge at Liverpool after Bill Shankly, but Paisley exceeded all expectations.

Paisley could not have done much more in his time at the helm. 6 League titles were buoyed by 3 European Cups, that's half of Liverpool's all-time haul, during his reign.

Paisley was in charge for 535 matches at Liverpool. Their goal difference in that time was +549, simply stunning. He truly put the Reds on the global map as a footballing power that was permanent and hungry for more.

1. Bill Shankly - (1959-1974) - 10 trophies

Shankly took over as manager with Liverpool languishing in the second division. He cleared out a reported 24 players from that team as he set about the business of building the club in the image we would come to love.

He was the innovator of the bus rides to Melwood which still lasts to this day. Shankly was big on team camaraderie and bonding with his players, so in a sense, he was much like Klopp. He also took a greater interest in the fitness of players so as to maximize their skillsets.

Upon clinching promotion, the winning would not stop as 3 English first division crowns, 2 FA Cups, 1 UEFA Cup and 3 Charity Shields would follow. That UEFA Cup triumph was the first European success in Liverpool's history.

His teams averaged 1.67 goals per game during his 783 match tenure with the Reds. He also had more draws than losses in his time with a +20 margin in that comparison.

Bill Shankly set the stage for the Reds to become the world renowned club they are today. He was ahead of his time and there might not be a more important person in the history of Liverpool.