Ranking the best Spanish players to play for Liverpool

There have been numerous outstanding Spaniards to play at Anfield, but who were the best?
Sequence 6 of 7 - Liverpool's Luis Garci
Sequence 6 of 7 - Liverpool's Luis Garci / ADRIAN DENNIS/GettyImages
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Over the years, Liverpool have seen their fair share of of players from abroad make a big impact at Anfield. One of those nations has been a particularly strong well for the Reds and it is Spain.

We have seen several Spaniards ply their trade at Liverpool with a handful seeing huge success both indivudally and the club itself. I'm here to rank the four best Spanish players to come through those hallowed gates over the years.

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4. Luis Garcia

Garcia had spent the entirety of his career in Spain before he joined his compatriots Rafa Benitez and Xabi Alonso at Anfield in the summer of 2004.

He did not need much time to integrate himself to the English game and quickly became a fan favorite with his exquisite ball control and technical abilities. He scored crucial goals throughout the Champions League knockout stages en route to the 2005 triumph for the Reds.

One thing that did hurt his status on this list was his inconsistency from game to game. His brilliance and talent were undeniable but the volatility in his game left a little to be desired.

However, despite his short tenure on Merseyside, there was no denying the impact he made for the club and the huge goals he scored are a reflection of the top player he was when fit and firing.

He was one of the more exciting players to watch whenever he got on the ball and he earned his place on this list.