Ranking the best Spanish players to play for Liverpool

There have been numerous outstanding Spaniards to play at Anfield, but who were the best?
Sequence 6 of 7 - Liverpool's Luis Garci
Sequence 6 of 7 - Liverpool's Luis Garci / ADRIAN DENNIS/GettyImages
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3. Pepe Reina

We next move to one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the club. Reina played nearly 400 times for Liverpool during his distinguished career and for most of that time he was one of the best netminders in the Premier League.

He kept 177 clean sheets from those matches which is a nice 45% of the time, a healthy ratio at the top level of football.

Jose Reina
Chelsea v Liverpool - Premier League / Mike Hewitt/GettyImages

Pepe joined the Reds just a few months after the 'Miracle in Istanbul' when he took the reigns from the heroic Jerzy Dudek. He also recorded 28 clean sheets from his first 50 Liverpool matches as he set the tone for what would be a fruitful relationship between player and club.

His 3 Golden Gloves show his consistency but he also had several breathtaking moments as well. He turned away 3/4 West Ham spot-kicks in the 2006 FA Cup Final on the way to lifting the trophy.

His well-rounded game that included world class reactions, excellent distribution and stonewalling penalty saving skills made him one of the finest keepers around.