Ranking the five best current Liverpool player chants

Nothing gets the people going like a good matchday chant, and there are some really solid ones for active LFC players
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As much as we love football itself, the matchday experience is arguably just as important as what goes down on the pitch.

A great player chant is a part of that, and not just for the 60,000 or so fans inside of Anfield- a big goal, save or tackle can see millions of Reds across the world connected by bursting into song, unintentionally in unison.

Ahead of the 2024-25 season, let's take a look at some of the best songs that should be ringing out through Anfield and beyond as Liverpool's stars dazzle us all once more.

Let's note that this is only songs specifically about players, so club favorites like "Allez Allez Allez," "We've Won It Six Times," and of course YNWA itself will be omitted.

Gone but not forgotten- great songs for departed players

Let's start out with an honorable mentions section of sorts- iconic songs for players who are no longer on the team, specifically attackers.

Between the Torres bounce and the iconic "just can't get enough" chant for Luis Suarez, the pre-Klopp era had some absolute belters.

"My name is Kevin Murphy, and I love Liverpool
Salah, ooh Mané Mané, and Bobby Firmino, but we sold Coutinho
But that don't matter at all actually, & cause we've got"

Richy Sheehy

As for the period of club history that just wrapped up at the end of last season, Kevin Murphy's incredibly catchy and lovable "We've Got Salah" is named after a player who is still on the team, but is ultimately a tribute to not just Salah, but the entire dynamic attacking trio of Salah, Mané and Firmino, which is now defunct.

The song also lists essentially the entire roster at the time, February 2018, most of which has moved on by now. Similarly, Firmino's own chant, "Si Señor," is one of the very best Anfield will ever see.

Lastly, what would this review be without a nod to the song for the team's leading scorer, adapted from a song by the greatest Liverpudlians of all time? "All You Need is Rush," built off of the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love, " is a simple one, but highly memorable and a worthy tribute to the Welsh club legend.

5. Darwin's songs

"Darwin Darwin Núñez
He came from Benfica to the big Reds
It's frightening with him and Luis Díaz
There's nobody else like Darwin Núñez"

Originated by Pete Boc

Yes, there's two of them, and both are extremely catchy, even if they've been somewhat turned into memes.

Darwin Nunez, Luis Diaz
AC Sparta Praha v Liverpool FC: Round of 16 First Leg - UEFA Europa League 2023/24 / Alexander Hassenstein/GettyImages

Both of those declarations are especially true of "Darwin Darwin Núñez," popularized by social media Liverpool enthusiast Pete Boc. Bonus points for shouting out Luis Díaz in the song, well done Pete.

"Oh Darwin Núñez, where have you gone?
Liverpool's winning and I need a Cody Gakpo"

Popular LFC fan chant

Then there's "Oh Darwin Núñez," which also gets props for shouting out a few other Reds, from Salah and Van Dijk to Cody Gakpo and former captain Jordan Henderson, of all people.

It takes the pensive, longing tune of "Somewhere Only We Know," making it quite the easily-learnable song.

4. Calm as you like

"He's our centre-half, he's our number four
Watch him defend, and we watch him score
He'll pass the ball, calm as you like
He's Virgil van Dijk, he's Virgil van Dijk"

Popularized by Jamie Webster

This is where we start to get a bit controversial, as some true fan favorites have to fall below others, as the top of the list really is just filled with quality.

Let's kick off the final four with Virgil van Dijk's song, which is perfect for the Liverpool skipper; it's steady, calming, and unforgettable.

Virgil van Dijk
Liverpool FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League / Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

The song is really just a list of stated facts, which again, perfectly fits van Dijk's effective, no-nonsense persona; he is, in fact, our centre-half, our No. 4, whom you can watch both defend and score, as well as pass the ball, calm as you like.

Due to the Dutch superstar's many great performances over the years, this is a song we've heard more than some of the others, and it's one that will likely be sung for years after his departure.

3. His name is Lucho

"His name is Lucho,
He came from Porto,
He came to score, came to score
Came to score, score, score"

Popularized by Andy Hodgson

Compared to some of the others on this list, namely the two in between which it's sandwiched, this is something of a lesser-known chant.

This is due potentially in part to the fact that Díaz simply doesn't routinely do enough for the club to send his supporters into song, but it's truly one of the best available if we want to serenade the current roster.

Perhaps it's slightly more exciting to fans of the Italian National Team, Serie A enjoyers, or even fans of the show Money Heist, but a chant set to the tune of "Bella Ciao" is bound to get the people going.

The lyrics themselves aren't particularly inspired, but there's an incredible amount of energy packed into the song, making it a great fit for the electrifying winger.

2. Better than Figo

"Ohh, he wears the number 20,
He will take us to victory
And when he’s running down the left-wing
He’ll cut inside and score for LFC
He’s a lad from Portugal
Better than Figo don’t you know
Ohh, his name is Diogo!"

Popular LFC fan chant

This is another one we don't hear as much as we'd like to, due to the fact that the main character is so frequently injured, but it's one of the best available.

This is one that shines lyrically, even if "better than Figo" is just a bit of a stretch, or if Jota arguably plays striker more often and more skillfully than he's "running down the left wing."

The tune of Diogo Jota's song is borrowed from a memorable chant devised by River Plate fans in Argentina, but it fits in perfectly on Merseyside.

Has he kept the No. 20 when more prestigious kits have become available just so that the lyrics still make sense? Not likely, but fans will certainly appreciate that he has not chosen to make this beloved chant obsolete, or at least tougher to sing.

1. Egyptian King

"The record books will read one name: Mohamed Salah
Now he is the king with the world at his feet
We're on the road to glory, Salah is the key
When Salah gets a sight of goal, he makes us all believe"

Marc Kenny

This song exists in both chant version and an extended, full-song format, giving it some versatility that other songs may not offer.

Mohamed Salah
Liverpool FC v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final 2021/22 / Catherine Ivill/GettyImages

The title itself has a bit of a cultural slant, but Pharaoh doesn't fit into songs particularly well, and it certainly doesn't rhyme with wing, so the fans have done what they must.

"Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Mo Salah
Running down the wing
Salah, Salah, Salah, Salah, Mo Salah
Egyptian King"

Popular LFC fan chant

A perfect tribute to the most iconic Liverpool player since Gerrard at the very least, this song is constantly reverberating throughout stadiums across England and indeed Europe, as Salah continues to fire in the goals and rewrite the record books, as the song predicted.

The chorus is easy to learn and belt at the top of one's lungs, while the complete verses are worth a listen in a less-frenzied setting.