Ranking the five most impactful Liverpool players of the Klopp era

Sadly, there's not much left for Liverpool to play for this season, leaving us to simply reflect upon the Klopp era and its legends.
West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool - Premier League
West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool - Premier League / Laurence Griffiths/GettyImages
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3. Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson

Yes, counting these two players as one is absolutely cheating, but there's absolutely no way you can separate the two most prolific playmaking fullbacks in Premier League history.

It wasn't the presence of just one of these two that helped to make Liverpool special- it was both. The way these two could switch the field with a cross or send a pass upfield at a moment's notice was an absolute game-changer, and is a huge part of what made Liverpool the most dangerous counter-attacking side on the planet for quite some time.

Even with the ball at their own feet as dribblers, this pair provided a progressive quality rarely seen from a fullback duo.

Trent has of course also made his mark from set pieces, whether that's meant belting in a lovely free kick goal or offering up a sumptuous corner kick, most memorably of course against Barcelona to seal the greatest Champions League semifinal comeback of all time.

Between the two, Robertson has been the better defender, making him arguably the more important individual player in the Klopp era.

Very few players in the history of the sport could pocket wingers like prime Robbo and then turn around to create at the other end, but Liverpool's fiery Scotsman did just that for nigh upon a decade.

Still, it's not worthwhile to pick between the two; they elevate each other exponentially, and are arguably the most complimentary pairing this club has ever seen, both on and off the pitch.

2. Mohamed Salah

Anyone who has read my work knows that I'm one of the biggest Salah fans even among the Liverpool faithful, and may be surprised not to see him in the top spot, but it's just a bit tough to put him alone considering all of the attacking talent Liverpool has had alongside him, most notably Mané, who really stepped up at times when Salah went slightly cold.

That being said, he is the runaway greatest winger in Premier League history, and should be considered the greatest attacker as well.

Any list of top scorers in league history, highest scoring seasons in league history, best goal contribution ratio in league history- you name it- is going to be a collection of strikers, plus Salah.

His consistent goal scoring pace is completely irreplaceable, as he has been the entire engine of the attack for vast swaths of time, especially since the departures of Mané and then later on Firmino.

The pace and burst that made Salah a special wing talent are fading a bit, but at the height of his powers, he combined athleticism with outrageous dribbling and finishing qualities in a way that few have before in this league.

Salah's arrival in 2017 was truly the start of the club's ascent under Klopp, as he broke the Premier League season goal scoring record- with just one penalty kick scored- and helped lift the club to a shocking Champions League final berth.

It remains to be seen whether he'll win any more silverware with the club- especially the Ballon D'Or he's so clearly deserved- but the highlight reel and stats already speak for themselves; Mohamed Salah is the best and most important outfield player Liverpool have rostered in the Premier League era.