We should all say thanks to Ilkay Gundogan

Manchester City star Ilkay Gundogan has told the world Liverpool should be handed the Premier League title, and we should all thank him.

We should all say thanks to Ilkay Gundogan because he’s the voice of reason in a world that seems to exists to crowd those out.

We should all say thanks to Ilkay Gundogan because he’s prepared to stick his neck out, say what he thinks, wear whatever gets thrown back at him and and keep moving with his head held high.

We should all say thanks to Ilkay Gundogan for exposing those who shrieked and pleaded and involved obscure moral high grounds to try and get this league season called null and void because they’ve had an awful campaign and want to have a refresh.

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The German carries weight, especially through his association with Manchester City. For one of Pep Guardiola‘s men to come out and say Liverpool should be awarded the Premier League title, and to say so without much hesitation, carries weight.

City, for all their sins, haven’t been beating this drum much. They, out of everyone, would be incredibly motivated to see this season declared void and start again. They couldn’t possibly be this bad again, and will Jurgen Klopp be able to inspire the lads to such heights three seasons in a row?

But no. Gundogan has done incredible work in exposing those self-interested parties. He’s shined a light down the back of the sofa and watched in horror at what scurries away, and Liverpool should thank him for that.

I know he’s our manager but Klopp has carried himself incredibly well throughout the coronavirus pandemic. He’s spoken eloquently, with passion, and with realism.

He’s redefined leadership across sport and politics.

It’s good to see others putting self-interest behind and fairness in front.