4 Liverpool transfer sagas that worked out in the end

  • Over the years, Liverpool have been involved in countless transfer sagas
  • Virgil van Dijk was a man wanted and in the end, it was a perfect match
  • No club can win every transfer saga, but the Reds have an impressive track record 
Liverpool v Southampton - Premier League
Liverpool v Southampton - Premier League / Jan Kruger/GettyImages
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2. Steven Gerrard does U-turn on Chelsea and stays in Red

This one does not need a lot of recapping as we have all seen the situation hashed out over and over again.

Jose Mourinho wanted Liverpool's talisman to become his secret weapon in London and it looked for a brief moment like Gerrard was on the verge of taking the leap...until he didn't.

Steven Gerrard, Arjen Robben
Liverpool V Chelsea, Champions League Semi-final / Sportsphoto/Allstar/GettyImages

Just a few months prior Gerrard led Liverpool past Chelsea in the 2005 Champions League so it would have been extra shocking, aside from his clear love all things Liverpool. As it happens, Mourinho was not long for the Chelsea job and Stevie carried on his Liverpool legacy.

He is one of the most beloved players in club history, not just because of his skill, but in large part due to his loyalty and love for the club and city. A move to Chelsea of all places would have shattered it all.

As it happened, the Reds kept their beloved Captain while Chelsea carried on in their whirlwind manner.