Arne Slot speaks for the first time as Liverpool head coach

The Dutchman conducted his first interview since taking his new role with the Reds, and it was refreshing to hear his views.
Feyenoord v Excelsior Rotterdam - Dutch Eredivisie
Feyenoord v Excelsior Rotterdam - Dutch Eredivisie / BSR Agency/GettyImages

We have been waiting since the the day Liverpool announced Arne Slot as the replacement to Jurgen Klopp to hear his first thoughts on the new role.

We have finally gotten those words as Slot arrived at Liverpool to take in the headquarters, training ground and more. He spoke at length with

Let's highlight some of the biggest takeaways from his first Liverpool interview.

Slot is ready to get things going at Anfield

The Dutchman is aware of the huge responsibility he is undertaking at Liverpool following the legendary tenure of Klopp. This self-awareness will go a long way towards helping him acclimate quicker with the Reds.

""I would say energised because of the holiday I had. Excited, really looking forward to the new challenge which is ahead of me. We are, of course, looking at the training ground, which is fantastic, so there are a lot of things to look forward to. The team is coming back in a few weeks and yeah, [I am] looking forward to a new start after a nice period I had at Feyenoord.""

Arne Slot to

Slot won both a league title and domestic cup while at the helm of Feyenoord all while playing an attractive brand of football.

It should be exciting to see what he could do with the next level facilities now at his disposal with Liverpool Football Club.

Arne Slot has already been hard at work

While we may not have heard from the Dutchman since his appointment, that does not mean he has been standing idly by as the days and weeks have gone.

In fact, it appears he has been quite involved in all things surrounding the club and has been working hard to make the transition smooth.

""I don't start today, I've been in a lot of contact with staff members already – from people who are working here to the new staff members that are coming in – and, of course, almost every day Richard [Hughes] and me are calling each other because we have to talk. This is also a very important phase for the new season, to make sure the team is ready, and we have to play in the pre-season.""

Arne Slot to

It's refreshing to hear he has been in contact with Sporting Director Richard Hughes as it might put a little more credence to some of the transfer links we have been seeing in recent days. perhaps some of these are more substantial than one would expect.

There will be at least 16 first team players ready for the opening of preseason with Mohamed Salah being the biggest name amongst those.

Slot understands the expectations he is walking into

We al know this is a very talented team with stars all over the pitch and the target every single season has become silverware. That is the bare minimum at Liverpool, to be challenging for trophies.

""[A] real good team, real good players, managed to be on top for a very long time, but I think in the end we would all love to see Liverpool a bit higher than third place and this is the challenge we are facing now – to build on from what we have.""

Arne Slot to

You love to hear a new coach or manager speaking this frankly about the club's ambitions as well as his own. He knows what is demanded of him and he is not shying away from the challenge.

Slot comes off as a very down-to-earth guy that appreciates the gravity and weight of the job he is taking on. This should serve him well going forward.