Dominik Szoboszlai still shines in Hungary's loss to Switzerland

Hungary had a tough tournament opener, but the team's captain still showed why he's the main man
Hungary v Switzerland: Group A - UEFA EURO 2024
Hungary v Switzerland: Group A - UEFA EURO 2024 / Jonathan Moscrop/GettyImages

Hungary suffered a tough loss to Switzerland to open up their Euro 2024 campaign, but team captain and Liverpool star Dominik Szoboszlai still showed up in a big way.

Playing as a left attacking midfielder, arguably a variant of his most natural position, Szoboszlai chipped in a magnificent assist for Hungary's only goal of the match, and topped the squad with a FotMob match rating of 7.6, making him just one of two Hungary players to crack the 7.0 plateau.

Interestingly enough, despite lagging in terms of shots and xG, Hungary stayed dead even with Switzerland in terms of possession and big chance creation.

They even pulled ahead in terms of accurate long balls, a category in which Szoboszlai particularly shined, with six of his seven such passes deemed to be on target.

He was also accurate on three of his four crosses, capping off a beautiful showcase of his playmaking ability. His eight passes into the final third were also the most on Hungary's side, by quite a margin.

Szoboszlai racked up 0.60 expected assists throughout the match, most of which came from his successful assist, and represented a huge proportion of Hungary's production for the entire match. He even created one of Hungary's two other big chances, yet another metric that shows just how much of a driving force he continues to be for his country, even in losses.

He didn't take a shot the entire match, and only attempted (and completed) one dribble, perhaps indicative of the role he needs to have in Liverpool's squad; relatively wide on the left side, yet absolutely focused on playmaking.

We'll see if his continued strong play in this role can lift Hungary into the knockout stages of this tournament, and if Arne Slot will take notice and incorporate some similar features into Liverpool's approach this season.