Examining the importance of winning or losing the Carabao Cup Final

The first chance at Silverware for the season must be seized.

Liverpool FC v Luton Town - Premier League
Liverpool FC v Luton Town - Premier League / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

We are rapidly closing in on the League Cup Final meeting between Liverpool and Chelsea as two English giants prepare to battle for the first trophy of the season.

It is the first opportunity for the Reds to knock over the first domino of what could truly be a memorable campaign. However, there are no guarantees in this business, so how significant would a defeat be for the club? How important is it to win?

I'm going to take you through both scenarios to try and decipher what each result could mean going forward.

Liverpool wins the League Cup...

I'll obviously start with the best case scenario, which is Liverpool triumphs and lifts the first trophy of the season.

On its own, this would be an impressive accomplishment as the Reds are extremely shorthanded as they have been ravaged by injuries. If they can overcome an improved Chelsea side in the Final, it could really ignite something as we project forward.

Talks of trebles and quadruples are usually premature, as the week-to-week ebbs and flows in football make it so difficult to topple one competition, let alone three or four.

With that being said, you can't win 2, 3 or 4 trophies without securing the first one. The League Cup is the first piece of the puzzle.

A win in this match would mean the season was already a mild success, as winning silverware is the ultimate prize in this sport. You can talk about playing an exciting brand of football, connecting with fans and the like, but it's lifting that trophy over your head that tops it all.

It's why managers like Jose Mourinho are so revered because wherever he goes, he wins. Jurgen Klopp has brought every trophy possible to Liverpool during his tenure, and adding another as soon as possible is ideal.

This could be the launching pad to a truly special season at Anfield.

Liverpool loses the League Cup Final...

Of course, the polar opposite of the above scenario would be the Reds falling to the Blues on Sunday. That would be a very different dynamic.

While Klopp and his staff might have a built in excuse with their fitness issues, this is Liverpool Football Club and losing in Finals is not something we strive for.

It would be a definite short-term blow to morale and the good energy around the club at the moment. It would put to bed any talks of trebles and would literally end the quadruple discussion. While the Reds are still one of the favorites to win the FA Cup and Europa League, they are still a ways away from either Final.

The Premier League is not a given, although things look good for now. This is the most tangible chance to win a trophy in Klopp's final season, so falling short on Sunday would hurt a little more.

They always say you must maximize these opportunities because you never know when you will be back here. To not do so wouldn't completely derail the campaign, but it would certainly halt a lot of the momentum that has been built.

I don't think this squad would collapse internally, but it would probably take a bit of time to shake off. With huge FA Cup and Premier League matches soon after this Final, there will be no rest for the weary.

Either way you look at it, the Carabao Cup Final is going to play a significant role in the overall outlook on this season. Liverpool must seize the opportunity in front of them without hesitation.

The trophy cabinet can never be too full.