"Hinder my future": Liverpool youngster demands permanent transfer from the club

  • We are just weeks away from the opening of the summer transfer window
  • Liverpool will need to address the future of multiple young players
  • Defender Sepp van den Berg is one player who is demanding a transfer
FC Augsburg v 1. FSV Mainz 05 - Bundesliga
FC Augsburg v 1. FSV Mainz 05 - Bundesliga / Christian Kaspar-Bartke/GettyImages

It's now June, and we aren't far out from the beginning of the summer transfer window. Liverpool will expectedly make a few signings, but at the moment, not much is known about who may be departing the club in the coming months. However, we can now clearly say that a player's future at Liverpool is almost certainly over. 22-year-old Sepp van den Berg is eyeing a permanent transfer to another club.

"Hinder my future": Liverpool youngster demands permanent transfer from the club

In a recent interview with the Dutch paper De Telegraaf, Sepp van den Berg clarified his feelings about Liverpool's supposed mismanagement of the player and the disrespect of his transfer fee tag. Sepp states that since his arrival at Anfield, he always felt like he was pushed to the sidelines and that other youngsters were being given greater opportunities than him. However, he says it motivated him to ask multiple times for a loan to move away.

After the conclusion of his loan spell at Schalke for the 2022-23 season, van den Berg says that, based on conversations with management at the time, he felt he may have been closer to making the team. When he saw his window of opportunity closing again, he asked for another loan, landing him at Mainz.

After completing a solid season of play with Mainz in the Bundesliga, Sepp van den Berg feels it is time to leave, but he made it clear that Liverpool's £20M asking price on the Dutch defender is 'hindering his future.' The following quote is translated using Google Translate:

""You have not radiated confidence in me all this time, but you want to hinder my future. I want to continue playing every week and further develop myself.”"

Sepp van den Berg to De Telegraaf

The additional commentary from De Telegraaf in the article suggests that Sepp van den Berg expects a permanent transfer away this summer. According to James Pearce of The Athletic, clubs from England, including Brentford and recently promoted Southampton, are linked to the player.