Important things Arne Slot said at his first Liverpool press conference

Arne Slot conducted his first Liverpool press conference on Friday as he covered a wide range of topics about Liverpool and his new role.
Celtic FC v Feyenoord: Group E - UEFA Champions League 2023/24
Celtic FC v Feyenoord: Group E - UEFA Champions League 2023/24 / Ian MacNicol/GettyImages

While Arne Slot has officially been in charge at Liverpool for a little bit now, things don't really feel official until you talk to the press, right? Well, Slot has finally crossed that off his checklist as he and new Sporting Director Richard Hughes met the media for their first Liverpool press conference on Friday.

Hopefully this is the first of countless pressers that the Dutchman will do as Liverpool head coach and if this one is any indication of the future, I think we might be okay.

I gathered up some of the biggest headlines from the press conference for your reading pleasure and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Let's begin.

Arne Slot not shying away from Klopp's legacy

We all know that taking over for a club legend manager is not an easy thing to do. See the debacle that has happened at Manchester United since Alex Ferguson departed. Perhaps a glance at Barcelona after Pep Guardiola. Chelsea after Jose Mourinho and so on.

However, Slot appears to be fully embracing his role as the next in line following Jurgen Klopp's wonderful nine year tenure.

""You can look at it both ways, big shoes to fill but you inherit a squad that has a winning culture. One of the reasons to come here is I do feel we are a real good squad." he said. "You want to work at a club with an opportunity to win something, the past has shown there is an opportunity to win trophies.""

Arne Slot 1st LFC press conference

I like that perspective from the new boss. He is not trying to completely overhaul everything around the club as the culture is already here. He just needs to tweak it in his ideology a bit and hopefully things keep carrying on.

He knows exactly what is expected of him and he seems eager for the challenge, so that's a great sign.

Overall improvement is an expectation

While the Liverpool squad as it is currently constructed is a very talented group, there are of course some areas of vulnerability.

The defense needs reinforcements, a new midfielder and the attack was up-and-down at best to finish the season. Slot expects things to continue to trending in the right direction though.

""There were a few new signings last year. The longer they play together the more they will improve, if you work in this league everyone gets better every season. It's important to improve. It's normal if you work in the biggest league in the world.""

Arne Slot on LFC's development

Once again, I love this take from the Dutchman. It's not overly poetic but that is fine, as I have gathered so far that Slot is a more measured individual than Klopp was. Jurgen spoke with his heart from the beginning which is what endeared him to us.

Arne is taking a more pragmatic and stoic approach which I'm totally okay with. He clearly understands the environment he will be competing in and the urgency of never resting on your laurels or you will be left behind.

Slot on his player's mentalities

There are two very big players that Arne Slot will want to mesh with quickly and that is club Captain Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah.

Both are integral to what Liverpool has done over the last 5-6 years and their importance has not waned in the slightest. Slot is expecting them to be fully charged up going forward.

""I think in general every top player wants to win. I assume, and I'm hoping, Virgil wants to win the Euros first! All these players want to win, they have the hunger to win. If you don't have that, you don't play for a club like Liverpool.""

Arne Slot on player's desire to win.

Here I think Slot sums up he knows exactly the role he is taking over. The bottom line at Liverpool is silverware is king. Playing attractive football and connecting with the fans are also important along the way, but in the end, winning is what matters the most.

Slot clearly has that passion within himself and he wants his players to also have that same drive.