Jurgen Klopp frustrated by lack of execution against Palace

The boss wanted to see more energy from his side, but described what he got as "horrible".
Liverpool FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League
Liverpool FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League / Sebastian Frej/MB Media/GettyImages

Sunday was not the "get right" game everyone was hoping and expecting it would be for Liverpool at Anfield. Following their dismal 3-0 defeat to Atalanta in the Europa League Quarterfinal, many assumed lowly Crystal Palace would be hammered by an angry Reds.

What we got was a third consecutive bitterly ugly result from a Liverpool side that has seemingly lost it's will to dominate. They fell 1-0 to their visitors despite creating a plethora of chances once again.

However, they were also cut open by Palace on multiple occasions and it was in this department that Jurgen Klopp found himself the most angry with.

Speaking to BBC after the match, a visibly frustrated Klopp said;

"If you would look to my teams over the years, I think you could say our pressing is usually good. Counterpress is there."

He continued; "The first half we were open like 'How can that happen?' Curtis [Jones] was the only one really chasing, really getting out and from time to time broke their rhythm. Beside that they [Palace] could just play through. They [Liverpool] were horrible to watch.”

It was a very unusual display to watch from Liverpool as going forward they were as dangerous as they have been, but things just did not go their way.

However, despite that, there was something that was missing from the Reds on this day. The passion and emotion that drives them forward and fuels their high-octane press was almost non-existent as the team is clearly in some kind of identity crisis.

Another interesting factor in all of this is Klopp is normally not the type of manager to disparage his players so publicly.

While he has been angered and frustrated in the past, he usually finds a way to spin it in a positive light to keep the boys free from angst.

To bluntly call his side out like that is a deviation but perhaps it is needed as he is seemingly running out of ideas to right the ship. It's a helpless feeling for a gaffer on the touchline watching the players wilt under the pressure and weight of expectation.

Klopp said he wanted a reaction and we would get one going into Sunday. It'll be a unique situation to see what he wants to see in Italy on Thursday.

Something must change within the squad dynamic and the players need to find their fighting spirit once again. If they can't, we might be hearing a lot more "horrible" lines from Klopp.