Looking at 4 of the best Liverpool summer signings

  • Liverpool have made some marquee summer signings
  • It’s not always about the price tag, as a player can play beyond price
  • It’s a long list, so this is only four a great deal more in Liverpool history
Southampton FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League
Southampton FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League / Charlie Crowhurst/GettyImages
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With the summer transfer window bearing down on us, I felt it would be a good time to look back at some successful summer dealings at Anfield. You know, for the good mojo? This is not to say these are the four absolute best, but they are four of the best.

This is based on value, impact with the club and trophies and of course, individual peformance. Let's not waste anymore time and jump right in.

4. Sami Hyypiä - Signed from Willem II in 1999 - €3.9 million

Hyypiä joined when he was 25, so he was just entering what would become his prime. He would go on to become one of the best centre-backs for the club. His physical power and aerial prowess made him a handful to deal with anywhere on the pitch.

However, his reading of the game was vastly underrated as he seemingly never put a foot wrong during his time with the Reds. He was a defender that could have played in multiple generations.

He played 464 times for Liverpool and won 8 trophies. He saw the end of one golden generation and the start of two whole new eras. It was a testament to his longevity that he was around for so much change.