VVD encouraged after Burnley win; "We have to adapt"

The Liverpool captain was full of praise for his teammates.

Liverpool FC v Burnley FC - Premier League
Liverpool FC v Burnley FC - Premier League / Visionhaus/GettyImages

Liverpool secured a 3-1 win on Saturday over Burnley to maintain their status at the top of the table, but it was anything from a straightforward performance.

Injuries, sickness and a lot of rotation mid-match meant it was a nervy affair at times, but the lads got it done in the end.

The Liverpool Captain, Virgil Van Dijk, was crucial once again as he led the backline that featured Curtis Jones at right-back following the withdrawal of Trent Alexander-Arnold at halftime. Harvey Elliott came on and created two goals that proved to be decisive.

Both Jones and Elliott caught the eye of Van Dijk in this one.

"Very, very impressed [with Elliott] and Curtis when he went to right-back. It's very important for these guys that when they have their moments, Harvey in this case, they grab them with both hands. We need them."

Virgil makes a salient point on this in regards to everyone needing to step up at different times in a title race like this. Jurgen Klopp will have loved what he saw in terms of a response to the battle at hand.

With the club being stretched right now in multiple competitions, the Reds need everyone on high-alert ready to step in at a moment's notice.

While the stresses of trying to win four trophies is real, it's also something that Van Dijk wants the club and fans to savor if they can.

"I think everyone would love to be in this situation that you are on the top and fighting for the pinnacle, which is the Premier League in this case.", he continued, "We are in a situation that I think last year around this time, you would never, well maybe not never as you never know, but you wouldn't have believed where we are today."

It's a calming thing for a squad that in the midst of a high-pressure few matches that your Captain can take this kind of perspective.

You have to savor the moments while you're in them, otherwise the stress and rigors will overwhelm you and could hurt the on-pitch performance.

Liverpool still have a lot of work to do and they need to get a lot of big names back and raring to go. However, if they can take on the mindset of their leader, this could be a very exciting few months.

Liverpool next turn their focus to Brentford at the weekend where they will be ready to adapt to whatever the situation calls for. It's the next step on the long road to the top. A road that this club is more than equipped to journey on.