Premier League legend warns England they can't trust a Liverpool stalwart

  • The legendary midfielder is no stranger to giving strong takes 
  • He does not find Trent to be cut out to face top opponents.   
  • Keane is leaning on the trope that TAA cannot defend at all.
Coventry City v Manchester United - Emirates FA Cup Semi Final
Coventry City v Manchester United - Emirates FA Cup Semi Final / Richard Heathcote/GettyImages

As players begin turning their attention to their respective national teams for huge summer tournaments, that does not mean the scrutiny stops.

In fact, scrutiny at the international level of football might be the most intense it has ever been as media, players and coaches are all much more outspoken than they used to be. That is the case here as a former Manchester United legend has had a dig at one Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Keane has become one of the more outspoken critics of players in today's media as he recently described parts of Erling Haaland's game as "League Two" level.

This time, he put the Liverpool vice-Captain in his crosshairs during a discussion of the upcoming European Championships on the Stick to Football podcast.

Keane lamented Alexander-Arnold's apparent inability to defend for the national team.

""One or two of the group matches...but if you play Trent in there against one of the top nations, the defensive side of the game you're talking about...he can't defend! I'd still be worried even as a two [alongside Rice], against the really top teams, France or Germany in the knockout games." "

Roy Keane on Stick to Football podcast

The idea that Alexander-Arnold is an awful defender is not a new concept at all. It has been the most glaring, and sometimes only, knock on his game that is so predicated on him getting forward to wreak havoc.

However, that being said, the notion that Trent is the worst defender in the world is hugley overblown. I'm by no means saying he is the greatest defensive fullback of his time, but he is more than adequate when he needs to be.

There are times where he has switched off yes, just as there are times when he has played sterling defense for club and country.

If Gareth Southgate does deploy him as a second defensive midfielder as he has done before, the supposed weakness would be protected either way. Playing next to a Declan Rice allows you to play with a freedom and confidence you might not normally get.

From an England perspective, having the dynamic Trent in the midfield while Rice cleans things up could be a very good combination.

Trent's defense is serviceable enough along with his elite reading of the game in general, that wherever the Three Lions need to deploy him, he will do the job.

Roy Keane is a legend in his own right, however, some might say his dogged and physical playing style would not have fit in the modern game. That's neither here nor there, but it does lend some perspective to the opinion being given by the former Manchester United man.