Shearer is not impressed but does he get it?

Former Newcastle United star Alan Shearer is less than impressed with one aspect of Liverpool’s 2-1 win against Leicester City.

New summer signing Alisson Becker was at fault for the Foxes only goal of the day as he tried to flamboyantly turn his way out of trouble – only to cough up possession and hand a goal to Rachid Ghezzal.

Understandably, Alisson has come under fire for his decision to try and play the ball out from the back instead of going old school and smashing his foot through it – and Shearer was one of those who piled into the Brazilian. But does he get it?

The former Magpie commented that strikers will now be able to render this area of Alisson’s game ineffective because they now have access to Premier League game footage, specifically his chip against Brighton. But if clubs were doing their research this would have already been available from the stoppers time at Roma.

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“He got away with one at Brighton last week as well,” the Express reported that the former striker said. “If you’re a forward and you have seen the footage against Brighton, you are not going to get fooled again,” concluded the pundit.

Does Shearer get that this is exactly why Liverpool spent so much money bringing the 25-year-old to Anfield in the first place? Jurgen Klopp wants to play this type of football in order to be successful, and that’s why he sold Loris Karius, demoted Simon Mignolet and isn’t that bothered about the mistake on Saturday.

Does Shearer get that by encouraging the opposition forward line to rush up and pressure the goalkeeper, it’ll make it easier for the defence to play out from the back as there will be less attention paid to them?

Alisson shouldn’t have made that mistake, of course, but this type of higher risk football comes with its own rewards and they need to be embraced.