We’re just waiting for glory now

Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp.(Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)
Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp.(Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images) /

This Liverpool are simply amazing, make no mistake. Regardless how the rest of this current campaign plays out, it’s no longer a matter of if, but when.

The long awaited Premier League title and trophy are headed to Anfield. And this is just the beginning of something very special for Liverpool, her fans, and the great city they call home.

When the greatest sides of English and European football are considered, it would be foolish not to include Jurgen Klopp’s squad among them. Their numbers over the course of these past two campaigns speak for themselves.

Without a doubt, this is the very best I’ve seen from a Liverpool team going back to ‘77 and that first European title. The effect this Liverpool are having on the game, will have far reaching repercussions for years to come.

FSG have gone quietly about their business of building a culture of winning. From sinking huge capitol into improvements to our beloved Anfield, to upgrading training facilities, and bringing on personnel who share a common vision and belief. Upon this fertile ground they have planted the seeds for success for a generation to come.

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This is what they do. Having had similar success at their other sports franchises in the United States, the Red Sox and Bruins of Boston.

So when viewed from a big picture perspective it’s easy to see in so many ways Liverpool have already won. Just remember where this team was a decade ago, five years ago with the Brendan Rogers foundering.

While it is way to early to be talking dynasty and other far-fetched flights of fancy. Mr Henry and co. have put this exceptional, glorious sports franchise on a trajectory for success for many seasons to come.

One can expect Klopp and the behind the scenes staff to continue making prudent and wise decisions in the transfer market, continuing to build on the success of these past two campaigns.

Success breeds success, and players who wouldn’t have even considered coming to play here a few short years ago, are lining up, salivating at the prospect of joining this side.

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They are champions, of Europe, the world, and England. They deserve our respect, adulation and resounding support. So I hoist my whiskey glass high in their honor, the cream always rises to the top. And this Liverpool side are the heavy cream indeed.