Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp set to sign ‘another’ Thiago Alcantara

The Liverpool boss is always on the prowl. Like any predator he sniffs out his vulnerable prey and pounces at the right time. That’s what you need in the transfer window after all, the instinct to strike, but only when the opportunity is there for the taking.

The Reds demonstrated that ruthless attitude with their acquisition of Thiago Alcantara this summer. They waited and waited. Played the long game and teased their opponent but in the end they had got it their way.

Thiago is now wearing the red strip of Liverpool and mesmerising opponents and fans alike.

For many years whilst Jurgen Klopp was at Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Munich set out to torment him often stealing and prizing away his best players from within his grasp. Stars like Lewandowski and Gotze as well as Hummels who were the linchpins of Klopp’s Dortmund team.

Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp are on a mission.

But now it seems like the German is out to exact revenge on his tormentors.

After signing Thiago the German is looking to make another transfer from the Bavarian outfit.

According to Goal teenage sensation Jamal Musiala’s contract negotiations are dragging on with Bayern Munich which has alerted the attention of Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp who could pounce on the exciting talent.

Jamal Musiala who is just 17 years of age is regarded as one of the most exciting prospects in Germany.

But while he is eligible to represent Germany, Musiala grew up in England and has so far elected to play for England U21 side.

Signing him would qualify him as a homegrown player which will be more valuable than ever in the aftermath of the new regulations imposed upon the Premier League.

Jamal Musiala, is pacy, he can play on the wing or as part of a midfield three. He’s got a long stride and he can take players on with ease.

On top of that he’s not shy in front of goal either.

The 17 year old has all the trademarks of a potentially world-class midfielder.

If the Reds can somehow pull of a deal for Jama Musiala it could secure the future of the club.

Especially with Harvey Elliott already on the Reds’ books.

It’s clear Klopp is looking to build a dynasty.

Would you be happy with the arrival of Jamal Musiala?