Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp will be dealt a major transfer blow

Things are looking bleak at Liverpool. After the heights of last season and sitting at the top echelons of world football, the Reds have plummeted down into the deep depths. Since the club’s 7-0 victory over Crystal Palace, only one team has picked up less points than Jurgen Klopp’s side in the Premier League.

From 11 games out of a possible 33 points the Reds have picked up just 9. That is a remarkable statistic and one that will be of major worry to Jurgen Klopp and his men.

The other worrying factor is that there are no signs of this changing. There are no magical personnel Jurgen Klopp could rely on. He has ardently and staunchly stood by his tactics which at the moment are inefficient.

Klopp’s inability to change could hand the Reds a major double whammy.

Liverpool and Klopp could be in trouble.

If the German persists with his tactics that will mean Liverpool will be unlikely to be participating in the Champions League next season.

Missing out on the top four could be detrimental to Liverpool’s plans for the future especially when it comes to the transfer window.

Reds supporters can forget all about Kylian Mbappe. The chance of the club signing him were pretty slim in the first place but without the top four they will be zero.

And that goes for many of the so called world-class talent Jurgen Klopp might be looking at.

Instead the club will have to target players who are not ready made.

Of course while that will be a major blow, one must note that this has been the Reds’ policy all along.

Salah was never world-class before he came to Liverpool. Neither was Virgil Van Dijk. The only few players who fell into that category were Fabinho and Alisson.

But the financial strains might restrict Klopp’s budget going forward. The Reds have just built a new state of the art training complex which they will have to pay off. With the financial uncertainty around the world, the Reds owners are unlikely to dip into their pockets and give Klopp significant sums to spend.

It will be a major test for Michael Edwards and Jurgen Klopp and one that will make the Reds’ task of fighting themselves back into the top four all the more difficult.

Do you think Liverpool will make the top four?