Real Madrid is the perfect draw for Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool (Photo by VI Images via Getty Images)
Mohamed Salah, Liverpool (Photo by VI Images via Getty Images) /

Liverpool has been drawn against Real Madrid for the Champions League quarter-final, but it’s the perfect game for Mohamed Salah.

We’ve all got our own memories of that traumatic night in Kyiv. We’ve all got our own story of where we were and what we were doing when Sergio Ramons hauled down our Egyptian King and popped his shoulder right out of his own socket.

Our pain might not have been physical, but like Salah we were hurt. This was his moment to truly, properly and emphatically announce himself on the biggest stage but Ramos took that away from him.

Liverpool can reclaim memories

Actually, Ramos didn’t take it. He snatched it. He stole it. He brutalised it.

Now that Liverpool has been drawn with Real Madrid, this is the perfect moment for Mohamed Salah to find some closure. The grudge match between Ramos and Salah might not get physical, but it’ll be mental and it’ll be fought hard.

The Reds need to beat Real if they want to continue applying the jaws of light to their car crash of a season. Progression to the Champions League semi-finals will give the squad belief, which fans will feed off.

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Mohamed Salah can have his revenge

In many ways, this is the perfect draw for the side, and for Salah. It gives them a chance to put the ghosts of Ukraine to bed, it gives them a way to inject unique energy into the final stages of this nightmare season, and it gives Salah the chance to impose himself in a way that was cruelly snatched from him last time.

Real Madrid isn’t the same side they were three years ago. But they still have a sting in their tail and they still have the same protagonists.

This is Salah’s chance to rewrite those memories and put Liverpool one step closer to European title number seven.

The Reds might have missed out on Porto, but in many ways, that doesn’t matter. Because this is the perfect draw for them.