Liverpool: Time is coming for Reds to sell Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane was frustrated in Liverpool's loss to Real Madrid
Sadio Mane was frustrated in Liverpool's loss to Real Madrid /

Shocking. There is no other way to describe the abject performance from Liverpool in their 3-1 Champions League quarter-final loss to Real Madrid. However, while the collective performance simply wasn’t good enough and players like Naby Keita and Trent Alexander-Arnold rightly received criticism, there is a real elephant in the room that needs to be addressed; and that’s Sadio Mane.

This season fans and pundits have openly criticised the likes of Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah for having a bad game or going on a run without scoring. But for some reason, Sadio has been, and still seems to be, immune. Well, I am getting sick of it because there is simply no arguing against the fact that in his current form, the Senegal winger literally gives us nothing. His performance in Spain was horrendous and for me, it is getting to a point where I dread seeing him on the ball and would much prefer that he was left out of the team.

Sadio Mane’s poor form means a summer transfer from Liverpool is possible

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People will talk about an ongoing supposed feud with Salah as one of the reasons for his dip in form, and it could be playing some part. However, it seems to me that Sadio has downed tools after a falling out with the entire squad, because he literally refuses to pass to anyone, with his game becoming ridiculously predictable.

We play the ball out to him, he controls it, fails to pick a pass, tries to beat someone, falls over and looks for a free kick. It’s horrible to watch and, given the high standards that the man has set over the last few years, I actually feel embarrassed for him.

Of course, there will be the staunch Sadio Mane fans out there who will say “at least he’s trying,” but if trying is all it takes to pull on a Liverpool shirt and play for Jurgen Klopp then sign me up. I will work my socks off for the team and run myself into the ground every minute of every game without fail, and given the opportunity I might pass the ball once or twice.

The truth is that Sadio has been like this for months, it isn’t just a one-off.  He needs a spell out of the team and, if his form doesn’t pick up between now and the end of the season, then he would be the one of the famous front three that I would be looking to move on in the summer.

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